Bearings and other bearing industry products

As a distributor of the world’s best manufacturers we provide wide range of products and services quickly for our partners.


Drift techniques, belts, bearing plates in a wide range

We offer general and special bearings and other products used by the wide range of industries to our partners.


Casing techniques, oil seals with professional service background

We offer the full selection of industrial casing techniques with the connected services in Hungary to our partners.


Adhesives, auxiliary materials for maintenance

We make your work more efficient by the large selection of adhesives and auxiliary materials for maintenance, which ensure safe and economical production.



Petroleum industry products, lubrication engineering

Our special greases ensure the most optimal conditions to production, namely smoother operation and longer lifetime.


Safety equipment, working clothes

We help you to choose a safe, useful and suitable working clothes to your working field. Working clothes offered by our company are long-lasting, comfortable and mainly safe.


Control techniques, electronics, pneumatics

We offer you products of control technics in a wide range, for which you do not have to go abroad as we bring you these products. Automatize your production by them.


Chemicals for the industry sold in bulk

According to request we can transport the chemicals to your site in bulk or on paletts.


Duty service If you need urgent help, do not hesitate to call our duty telephone number: +36 30 213-4788


  • Professional programs, further trainings

    SAccording to request we organize professional programs, factory visits and lectures for our contracting partners. We can also provide technical books and magazines, auxiliary and changing over computer programs.

  • Diagnostics, installation on the spot

    With the cooperation of P&P Industria Ltd. (official partner of FAG in Hungary for service and diagnostics) we provide professional installation, diagnosis and inspection of our distributed bearing products.

  • Transportation of our products

    We transport the ordered goods to our partner’s site by our own vehicles or with the help of a forwarding partner company. Our mail order is available to everybody in the whole country for a compensation.

  • Duty service

    In order to ensure the smooth operation of our partners we run an always open office. This service is free of charge to our contracting partners.

  • Our Webshop is open!

    We are available to our partners in 24 hours through our webpage

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Be careful as these products are falsified! Check why it is worth buying only original bearings.